The Role of Boxing Gloves

boxing glovesUnlike other fighting styles, striking on boxing can destroy your hands in a long therm experience even if you are careful. Improper techniques and lack of protection can cause arthritis, weakening joints, muscle weakness and loss of movement in the hands over time. It’s scary, but it happens. To make sure that your hands are intact and fit for the rest of your life, it is important that you always protect them. Just as you should use a head protector to protect your head, you should also wear boxing gloves to protect your hands. Some boxing gloves can go even further and provide extra cushioning to prevent your opponent to get hurt.

The best boxing gloves pair will be comfortable in your hands and, most importantly, around the wrist and fingers. You should not feel that the gloves are wearing your hand or that is forcing you to close it in a way that seems strange. High quality gloves can bear constant blows without losing its quality. Some materials used in the glove manufacturing will determine how long it will last before ripping off to shreds or getting flattened. Note that some cheaper gloves can be as comfortable as the most expensive gloves or may even absorb the impact of better way, but certainly being cheaper will not last as long.

Getting Real with the Brands

Not all boxing gloves are made considering a real boxing training. Like anything in life, they are not all made in the same way. The worst brands are those sold in large sports stores and surely the worst brand you could buy gloves from are the Everlast ones, which look like classic boxing gloves. NEVER buy these – you probably will break your hand in a week or less.

How Much you Pay

Just because you are paying more for a pair of gloves it doesn’t mean they are the best boxing gloves. However, as the saying goes, you get what you are paying for still applies. A $30 pair will not be as good as a $70 one from the sameĀ gloves store. Let’s make use of the common sense here and get prepared to pay at least $ 100 online and $ 150 or more on physical stores.

Different types of gloves

Bag gloves – Most of these are small and thin. The most expensive looks like normal boxing gloves. In my opinion, you should ignore the “rich” ones because they are a waste of time and money. In general, bag gloves are made to protect your joints while you strike the hard punching bag and will make your joints as used to the impact.

Training Gloves – Gloves made for the daily use. Some do not have enough cushioning for sparring.

Sparring gloves – They can be used in general for everything when boxing and many of the best boxing gloves are sparring ones. You should really have at least one before your purchase a pair of any other kind. They are made with extra cushioning to protect your hands and absorb the opponent’s blows. You can use these gloves for boxing in general. Remember that sparring gloves must have at least 14 oz to 16 oz, especially if you weigh more than 60 kg.

Professional Gloves or Fight Gloves – Fight gloves are smaller and more compact to cause more damage to your opponent. They are not recommended for anything other than competition.

Aerobic / Cardio Gloves – These gloves are usually easily found with very low prices. Avoid them! It has the lowest possible damping and will tear apart quickly.

And the Looks
The color of the gloves matter? YES! Although classical color is red, it is less visible to the human eye than other colors. If you are in a sparring against someone, your opponent gloves’ color should be one you can clearly see. And do not forget when wearing gloves in light colors you will be helping your coach to see your punches and strikes more easily. When training at night is really good if you can wear gloves on blue, green or white.


Gloves with laces offer more comfort especially if you prefer they fit up to you your arm. For some fighters, is a habit tie the laces of the gloves. Gloves with velcro are made to be more practical and can be as secure as gloves with lace, with the difference they are more convenient. Many people prefer gloves with velcro because they can put them without help from another person. The only let down of velcro gloves however is that the elastic velcro may stick in your bandage and tear apart the bandage. Not a big problem, but it might happen if you are careful. Gloves with laces are not as difficult to set as it seems, is just about practice and getting used to the few steps and they can be considered more convenient than gloves with Velcro if you have thin arms – because all you need to do is tie the laces only once and then whenever you are using the gloves just put them back.
Another great advantage of tying gloves is that they allow you to walk around the gym and ask someone else to tie it up for you. It’s an easy way to start a conversation with coaches, fighters and training partners.

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