Best Torque Wrench Reviews for 2016

Best Torque Wrenches

Here you will find reviews for torque wrench and we give you detailed information about their location.A torque wrench is a tool with the force is exerted on a preset torque on the screwer nut. This ensures that the bolt or the nut has the required clamping force and not independently resolve.Therefore, quality, features and price in the purchasing decision play a large role.On this page you will find detailed information, product presentations, offers, bestseller, Advisor tips. This gives you the possibility to get a high-quality tool at a good price – performance ratio.

Best Torque Wrenches with Reviews

Best 1/2 drive Torque Wrenches!

Now we’re finally getting to real business! We’ve looked into the 1/4 and the 3/8 drive, and now its time to finally take a dive into the 1/2 drive torque wrenches. In automotive applications you will be using it primarily in suspension, brake and engine work. I don’t have to tell you the importance of using proper torque in those areas. A lack of proper torque on even most insignificant item can sometimes cost $1,000′s due to a failure.

1. Snap-on Industrial Brand CDI ★★★★★
Picked as one of the best torque wrenches by Bayshare . This click type wrench offers the user an industrial strength torque wrench that withstands the hardships of professional use. Handles are tough, non slip grip. Features a quick release button, which provide good socket holding and easy removal.
Buyers like: This torque wrench works up to 250 ft-lbs, while some 1/2 drive torque wrenches will max out at 150. The wrench is very sturdy and maintains calibration exceptionally well. CDI has great customer service department. Many agree that it is torque wrench is the best money can buy.
Buyers rant: Most have nothing negative to say about this torque wrench except few consider it quiet pricey. On the other hand they are happy to  purchase through!

2. GearWrench 85054 ★★★★★ 
This GearWrench will run you about $40 less than the above CDI. But it remains a really good value for what you pay. This torque wrench offers 20-250 ft-lbs operating range. A unique head design helps keep contaminants out for superior life. Setting desired torque is easy and solid locking mechanism keeps it there. Its grip helps with comfort and oil resistance.
Buyers like: Value. Well built. Calibration results when receiving torque wrench. Locking mechanism. Ease of applying torque. Clear clicking sound when desired torque is reached.
Buyers rant: Each revolution in adjustment covers 15 ft-lbs instead of normal 10 lb increments.

3. Mountain 16250 ★★★★★ 
Heavy and a good looking tool. Feels well made, torque adjustment is smooth and being able to tighten the setting is a positive feature. Meets expectations at price. The torque readings seem to be accurate. Product fits in case nicely. 25″ long – likely not appropriate for smaller, lower torque jobs, such as brake caliper slide pins. Great for hub nuts and the like.  Price is right. Should last for a long time.
Buyers like: Designed to be used for up to 250 ft/lbs. Click is clearly audible. Some joke that it should be more expensive. In general really satisfied.
Buyers rant: Markings hard to read.  The wrench is 25″ some consider it too big. Some report having hard time finding warranty information.

4. Gorilla Automotive TW605 ★★★★★  
This is probably the best torque wrench you could buy for under $40, it is very rugged and heavy. There is no plastics to be seen on this tool. It actually comes with much needed adapters in the plastic case. Ratcheting provides a great feedback. I highly recommend this for Do-It-Yourself people who are on tight budget and cannot afford  higher end tools. But in fairness its not a precision torque wrench. If you’re just looking to do basics like tightening your lug nuts it works without blowing the bank.
Buyers like: Comes with 5 inch extension and 3/8 to 1/2 adapter inside the case. Simple and effective. Rugged. Free shipping. No plastic parts. Has a gorilla on the box apparently ;)
Buyers rant: Heavier than anticipated. Maximum torque of only 150-ft lbs.


3/8 drive Torque Wrenches compared.

The 3/8 torque wrench drive is often overlooked just like 1/4. These tools shine in any project which require tightening torques from 15 to 85 foot pounds. In automotive repair and maintenance these jobs will primarily be under the hood, or engine related. There’s nothing worse than being a beginner and doing your first oil change and stripping the drain plug tightening because they didn’t know proper tightening torque. Or even worse changing spark plugs in an aluminum head and over tightening and damaging threads, that will ruin your day quick. Even if you’re not a beginner its still good to use to be confident in quality of work.

1. Snap-on Industrial Brand CDI  ★★★★★
Not a big surprise here really, can never go wrong with a Snap-on CDI torque wrench in terms of durability and accuracy. Torque reached sound is easily heard and feel is precise. Adjustments increment by 10 pounds. Includes a quick release making socket swapping a snap. You definitely get what you pay for. Save when ordering through Amazon!
Buyers like: Adjustments are beyond precise. Markings etched with distinctive color making them easy to read. Snap-On quality. Highest quality 3/8 torque wrench. After trying this torque wrench some want entire set.
Buyers rant: None!

2. GearWrench 85052 ★★★★★ 
Not without surprise GearWrench claws its way almost to the top. Its well made, accurate and durable. The torque adjustment mechanism has a good feel to it. Has a dual scale so converting from ft lbs to newton meters becomes easy. If you’re looking to spend under $100 torque without sacrificing quality this is best choice for you.
Buyers like: Still performing well after years of ownership. Good leverage from handle. Dual scale featuring foot pounds or newton meters.
Buyers rant: Few people didn’t like the hard plastic handle. Some wish number etching was darker to make for easier reading.

3. Neiko ★★★★★
Good starter torque wrench. Just under $30 from Amazon and with good response from its buyers. High quality drop forged, heat treated made with Chrome Vanadium steel.  Overall if you’re just a “back yard” type of a person and don’t have a need for a 3/8 torque wrench for constant use, this tool will work just fine. Get from!
Buyers like: Has torque settings as low as 10 ft-lbs. Good value. Works great for basic work such as oil changes and spark plugs.
Buyers rant: At lower torque its difficult to hear the click. Some wish they spent a little bit more on better quality tool.


A closer look into 1/4 drive Torque Wrenches.

When most people are shopping for torque wrenches they tend to overlook the 1/4 drive torque wrenches. Sure you can’t torque your tire lug nuts or your suspension components but it does have its spot in the toolbox whether you are a professional mechanic or a backyard DYI’er. These torque wrenches shine when performing work related to properly torquing gasket surfaces, may it be your valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, transmission pan gasket. These jobs can sometimes be time consuming and nothing is worse than doing it again after finishing up a project and seeing oil seeping. With 1/4 torque wrench in hand you can relax and know that you’ll do the job once and never have to worry about leaks or distorting metal surfaces from excessive torque. So lets look really quick into some amazing torque wrenches in all price ranges.

1. Snap-on Industrial Brand CDI  ★★★★★
This is pretty much the king when it comes to click type mechanical torque wrenches. Snap on is a well known brand, and in the automotive tool world it is king. It is a pricey torque wrench but with most things you do get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a quality tool that will out-last anything else in your box this is something to look into. usually has best deals on this torque wrench so its worth to take a look!
Buyers like: Easily withstands rigors of professional use. Rugged, industrial strength. Dual scale that is calibrated in both directions. Quick release button for sockets. Works in 20 to 150-inch pound range.
Buyers rant: None!

2. Snap-on Industrial Brand CDI (10 to 50-Inch pounds) ★★★★★
Very similar torque wrench to #1, this is for the people who deal primarily in the lower torque ranges. This tool is extremely accurate when working in 10 to 50 inch pound range. Click to see current price for item.
Buyers like: Same as #1
Buyers rant: Some wish there was more usable range.

3. GearWrench 85050 (30 to 200 in lb) ★★★★★ 
Actually a torque wrench I use for work. It is very well built and has good value for the money. Anybody that has GearWrench tools especially their amazing ratcheting wrenches can attest to the quality of the tools they produce. You will especially like the Full lifetime warranty. Some people say the markings are hard to read, I’ve never had a problem but if anyone that owns or buys this tool feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think about the markings.  Overall the item is very solid and well built. What are others saying about this item?
Buyers like:
  Accurate. Durable. Lifetime warranty. Feels well built in hand. 
Buyers rant:
 Markings difficult to see for some.

4. Neiko 03714 (20 to 200-Inch pounds) ★★★★★
This torque wrench is a lower quality and can be bought for under $30 through Amazon. It was my first 1/4 torque wrench and when I’ve ordered my expectations weren’t high. The scale is in newton meters so you’ll spend some time converting unless given a newton meter specification. If you’re somebody who just wants to buy a 1/4 torque wrench for a single or very few jobs this is probably what you’d order. Before ordering do read through what others who have purchased this tool to decide if its really what you’re looking for. Click here for customer reviews of this item.
Buyers like: Good price. It is effective and works as advertised.  For the price, it can’t be beat. Looks better than expected.
Buyers rant: Made in China. Only Newton-Meter scale. Cheaply made.

How we did our reviews !!!

Depending on the application area, there are different requirements for quality and features.
Here you will find the torque wrench test in the class up to 30 nm and the area up to 210 nm.

Deals & bestsellers

Collection of the most commonly purchased torque wrench.
Here you will find current offers and bargains. There you can save lots of money and work to go.
Also, there is a list of the most popular torque wrench and best models at

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  • Background knowledge is information in our.
  • For more information on the individual manufacturer brands do you find the heading manufacturers.
  • In the online consultants the right tool can identify with targeted questions quickly. Guide & tips
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  • Our tips give quick answers to various questions.
  • Choosing the right tool
  • Torque wrench is there in various designs and sizes. The price range is wide ranging. Mostly it depends on the quality of the tool. Here the motto is – “who saves on quality – buy usually twice”.

Before you choose the right tool, you should carry friends to peruse and read our reviews. Here we have compared the pros and cons for you. So, you’ll find the perfect tool for your environment.
Have a torque wrench, always at the ready

Torque wrench

Especially when changing tyres, the torque wrench often finds use. Want to save costs when changing tires, this tool should not be missed. So you can perform easily even the tire change.

Often, this special tool also for repairs, E.g. own bicycle, or other work is required. Here, a high quality product is also good services. This often smaller versions or products are used. They convince the screwdriver through ease of use and a smaller consumption.

Torque wrench, there are different variants

This type of tool key is there in different variants and functions. A distinction is made between the service areas and the size. These are special used in car, bike and motorcycle.

What is Torque Wrench

what is torque wrench

The torque wrench is a wrench with a screw can be tightened. This torque is set you want to use to tighten the screw.You need a torque wrench to attach one or more bolts to a certain torque.
Here you will find a selection of recommended torque wrenches.

Torque wrench – what to consider?

With the purchase of the area should be initially known where the torque wrench will work. As well, requirements, such as right – or left-hand thread, should be set.In the aftermath, you can look at the ergonomics and processing of the torque wrench. An easy to read Visual scale together with the possibility of locking the set torque completes the whole.

How much does a torque wrench costs?

There’s a good torque wrench 50 dollars. Upward, the price is extensive, depending on the use and required quality.
Typically, you will receive a torque wrench you will like to work with in the field of 50 to 130 dollars. Processing, ergonomics and quality is suitable. Cheaper models are sold like as a lure. The quality is often inferior here.Are you looking for a torque wrench in the good price / performance ratio look in the offers.

What are good cheap torque wrench?

Cheap torque wrench are usually not much good. Usually these have also no tolerance to the value, which is useful as a quality characteristic. The processing is to be desired as well.The manufacturing price, often used cheap torque wrench as curls. The frustration is inevitable.In the offers, you can often shoot a bargain. There are good torque wrench with discount.

What can you do with a torque wrench?

You can tighten screws and nuts, with a predetermined torque with a torque wrench. It is also to check whether the required torque has been reached possible with a torque wrench.

What are there types for torque wrench?

Torque wrench in there different types and variants.On the one hand, these differ in two basic types:

  • Mechanical torque wrench
  • Electronic torque wrench

Use a distinction is made depending on the usage:

  • Torque wrench for the car
  • Torque wrench for the bicycle
  • Torque wrench for the motorcycle

The area is also the size of the torque wrench. This is subdivided into 1 / 4, 3 / 8 and 1/2 inch. Torque wrench sets offer you a torque wrench with practical accessories.

What are good torque wrench?

Good torque wrench is characterized by very good quality and ergonomics. Because a high measuring accuracy is essential to accurate work.

As top products, the key of manufacturer Hazet have here (Hazet 5108-2 CT / Hazet 5122-2 CT) and Vera (Vera 7000 A).

The question arises however, how often the key is required. The torque wrench is not so often used, do’s products which are in the good price / performance ratio. Here convince the torque wrench from the House of Proxxon (Proxxon MC15, Proxxon MC30 and Proxxon MC200).

Cheap torque wrench or no-name from the hardware store, however, often have quality deficits. This lure then usually with a very reasonable price.

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