Beard Trimmers

Finding a best beard trimmer for yourself is not an easy job.As a man with a beard, I know that many women are very attracted to the distinctive look of a carefully trimmed 3-days-beard. Trimming the beard is for me almost like the daily brushing. I would like to share my experiences with you and inform about the possibilities of a beard trimmer. A beard trimmer can be used to customize his own beard. Whether it is Bart carrier already, or grow a beard would like to keep the beard not unkempt looks, there is only one solution, namely to buy a beard trimmer. A nice beard is rarely lead back to the natural beard. The stuck image can the possibilities of cutting of beard that looks a bit shaggy or desolate, increasingly fade. At this point, clearly defined and clean cut beards back. Also the Barber celebrates a return to German culture for years.

But very quickly, now goes to the store or after beard cutters look on the Internet, one finds that countless variants of beard trimmers and beard trimmers and as many reviews on this topic there is.You can of course also ask friends and acquaintances questions according to their experiences, or benefits from the experiences of others and informed before purchasing a beard trimmer or you can go ahead on sites like where you will find their choices and reviews of great beard trimmers .

Best Beard Trimmer for 2016

The trimmer in this review for best ones in 2016 should include the accessory of every man’s, which are available can be a beard or want to leave. Only with such a beard trimmer manages to keep his beard to the desired length. With the beard trimmer you can find test, whether such a beard in your bag could feel comfortable, or you better grammar.

Philips QT4090 vacuum Pro:

Philips QT4090 vacuum Pro

Philips moves with the QT4090 (to review) on the first place. He owes this especially the trend-setting equipment. Make Philips beard trimmer not only excellent results,he thinks also. So, the the neatly trimmed beard hairs collected by a vacuum systemin the device so that your bathroom by flying stubble is spared. We hope to be able to see these advanced technology soon also in shavers. Way to go, Philips!

Philips QT4022/32:

Philips QT4022 32

A product of Philips is also in second place. The Philips QT4022 is our price / performance winner. The Philips QT4022 is a minimalist as the broad masses of the beard.Without large facilities, this however convinces technical finesse. Its construction can be child’s play to the handling and his main task, to trim the beard he meets better than his competition. Who like to pay attention to his money, is QT4022 with the Philips. The big advantage of QT4022 is that it masters even the shortest cuts from 0, 5 mm.

Philips Styleshaver:

Philips Styleshaver


In third place is a multi-function device, an all-rounder. The Philips Styleshaver Shaver trying to connect trimmer and trimmer in a unit and manages to do so also. Make no mistake. Although expects a multi-function device to make concessions, but holds the Philips QS6160 in the Beard test what he promises. This builds on the experience made with his beard trimmers and shavers Philips and cleans up in your bathroom. So each morning only a device waits for you, which assumes the functions of a shaver and trimmer and a beard trimmer.

To recommend a trimmer type, we need to clarify several questions. What features are important to me? How much money do I want to spend. Do I need a variable length adjustment or rich solid shades? Each model has advantages and disadvantages on such issues.

What a beard trimmer must be able to achive

The task of the beard trimmer is to clip his beard the same length or needs in more.He must be with fine under circumstances and fight hard to collect hairs. That not every beard is able, our trimmer test should reveal. So some manufacturers have already in advance taken, the quality of your beard trimmer to the test make it possible to have by they just brought this to the function, to carry out fine tasks. While a good beard trimmer stands out in it, that he clean get even shortest cuts of up to 1 mm,other trimmer so confined only to cut mm, providing no option for shorter beards from 2-3.

The difference between a trimmer and a beard?

As I have already mentioned, there is to answer some questions before buying the appropriate beard trimmer. The answer to the question what is the difference, can fortunately very easy to answer because there is no difference. The trimmer is the real word for it, the beard is which in turn trimmer would be translated into German as simply a modification of the English “beart trimmer”. All other factors are much more important. How does the length setting? The device has what battery life and how accurate can this work?

The difference between a hair trimmer and a beard trimmer?

There are usually no difference visually between beard and hair straighteners. I tried myself to cut his beard with a normal hair Clipper, wasn’t really good. The differenceis simply that beard trimmer is specifically designed for thicker and stronger hair and also very short and fine hair can cut. Professional hair clippers are mostly also as beard trimmers to use already $300, but if you want, or spend more for such a device?

Only the beard or other body hair?

I use the trimmer only for my beard. But I heard from friends that keep this short other body hair. OK, the most trimmer offer different length settings, however, security arrangements for other body hair are missing from my point of view.

The battery

The battery and the battery life is a very important criterion for me. The longer a battery lasts, the less you have to him loading, resulting in a higher life span of the battery. The least beard trimmers offer the possibility to change the battery, so the installed battery should be of course correspondingly good enough to sustain many years.

The facilities

In the facilities, there are many points should be considered. When the battery is empty time with me, I can easily move on power. However, I know that not all devices that can do this. A further point, how long does it again fully charge the battery? Is the bar tailor fit for travel? He has an adapter for sockets in other countries?

My beard trimmer is somewhat older, meanwhile, there are also devices that can be used wet. This can be used E.g. in the shower and they can be easily rinsed off with water. By the way, as Combs is on most models made of plastic, this can for almost all devices with water clean.

There’s even beard trimmer with touch screens, battery lights or swivel head, but have nothing to do with the direct use of these features and can therefore be ignored.

Spoilt for choice

As you can see, there are to consider a lot. But whether you decide for a clean 3-days-beard or want to hold something in check just the lumberjack’s beard, I help like you along if you have questions.

My tips for the perfect beard

  1. everything to a length

One truncates always the entire face to the desired length at the beginning of the shave.

  1. the Chin

Whiskers below the Chin be shortened further by about a third, down up to the neck.

  1. finishing touches

Now be the edges of the beard on the neck, upper lip and cheeks after still neatly shaved. I prefer a shorter hair length here and completely shave off the hair with a wet razor.

If you want to know what Beard trimmer in the test made a good figure, then the individual test reports look at. Also price tips are there to be found.Did you choose? Once the new trimmer you is made at home, we should just honor him and maintain, as he does with our beard. Because also the trimmer must be maintained. Refer to our result page for helpful care tips to beard trimmers. In this guide, you can find everything around your new protégé.